Gordon Setters (Reg'd)


"Moons & Stars" at the Bridge:

Moonsetter All That Jazz
Moonsetter Anything Goes
Ch. Moonsetter Ben Hall SureShot
Ch. Moonsetter Binalong Time
Moonsetter Everso Sirius
Ch. Moonsetter Grand Savoy
Moonsetter Sureshot Espresso
Ch. Moonsetter Just In Time
Ch. Moonsetter Boomerang Sirius JH
Moonsetter Enduring Freedom
Ch. Moonsetter Keepin' It Sirius
GCh. Moonsetter Jazz For The Trane JH
Ch. Moonsetter Sentinel Uponarock

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe him to be worthy of such devotion." - Anonymous

In Our Hearts

It's never easy saying goodbye, and whether it's joining a new family in retirement, or leaving us to cross the Rainbow Bridge, it doesn't get any easier.  The dogs honored on this page are, and always will be, in our hearts forever.

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Rachael had the honor of being our very first Gordon Setter, also from Winfield.  One of the "dynamic duo", she followed KC across the Rainbow Bridge only 4 months after he passed.


KC came to us from Winfield Gordon Setters.  He was our second Gordon Setter, and our first owner-handled champion.  Sadly, he was also the first to cross the Rainbow Bridge.


Our third and final Gordon from Winfield, Eli, was a very special addition to our family.  The self-appointed guardian of our daughter, Olivia as a toddler, Eli was an incredibly loyal dog with a very big heart.


Our #1 girl and the foundation of our breeding program, Belle is now resting peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge.  We will miss her forever... we thank her for all she gave us, and for all the generations of Moonsetter Gordon Setters that followed her. 


The pick girl from the Moonsetter "A" litter, and our first homebred champion, Delaney's legacy lives on in generations of Moonsetter Gordons.  Always in our hearts, we miss you "Delaneybugs". 


Will came to us as a foster when his original owner chose to give him up.  With plans to help his breeder locate a new forever home for him, we soon realized he'd already found one. We were blessed with 9 years with this amazing dog before he crossed The Bridge.


Aisling (pronounced Ash-ling) meant "dream and vision" and she was definitely that and more.  She was the pick puppy out of our "dream team" B-Litter, and she epitomized true Gordon Setter type. She was taken from us way too soon... and we dedicate her page to our daughter Olivia.


Mairead, in Celtic means "pearl", and this girl was definitely the jewel in a string of of black pearls here at Moonsetter.  She was the pick puppy from our C-Litter, out of our first home-bred champion Moonsetter Always in Style JH ("Delaney").  Mairead also became a GSCA Top Producer for us, as the dam of 7 champions.


The pick boy from our "D" litter, Caber left us all too suddenly and much too young. 


Regan was the pick girl from our F-Litter.  Meaning "descendent of a king", Regan seemed an appropriate name for our girl with the dual champion sire. Her "royal" heritage and impressive pedigree were nothing compared to her wonderful temperament and bigger than life personality.


Aiden, meaning “little fiery one”, seemed the appropriate name for the only boy in our H-Litter. With hopes of having another chance at a boy out of Aisling, we were thrilled that he showed so much promise. True to his name, this little hellion came in to our lives with the world revolving around him, and like a Phoenix sprung to life from the fire… he was here to stay!


Conall, meaning "strong as a wolf" was the perfect name for the chosen one in our J Litter.  Named and shown by our daughter Olivia, Conall was also chosen by her as the pick puppy... and we simply couldn't argue with her keen eye for a  good looking Gordon! 


As we often say, all things happen for a reason - and the "oops" puppies of the Lunar litter were no exception.  Truly, also known as Ch. Moonsetter Lunar Veritatis (which means "moon of truth" in Latin) is our pick puppy from that litter.  Of course we never meant to keep her, but it was apparent from the first few days that she was going to be something very special, and we weren't about to let her get away!