Gordon Setters (Reg'd)

"The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or teacherous, is his dog..." -George G. Vest

Moons & Stars

Raising and showing dogs has always provided us with an opportunity to make wonderful, life-long friends. Mentoring is a big part of being a responsible breeder, and many of our puppies are sold to show homes where co-ownerships are an integral part of the relationship (our "moons").  Others, whose owners have tenure in the Breed, simply become a part of our extended family (our "stars"). The opportunity to work together with people who, like us, have similar goals for the Gordon Setter Breed is a great experience.  Below are some of these dogs. To see the rest of our extended family, click the links on the sidebar to view each litter's photo page.

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Dax is the pick boy from the Moonsetter "O" Litter.  He is co-owned with Denise Bachelder in Iowa. Dax is Denise's second Gordon Setter from us, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to co-own this boy with her! Dax finished his championship in grand style (and in only 3 weeks!) earning 4 majors, including a Specialty Winners Dog/Best of Winners!  
Ella is the pick puppy from the Moonsetter "X" Litter. She is co-owned with Sue Davis in Alaska, who owned Ella's sire, Spencer. Ella lives with another Moonsetter Gordon, Kruz, and a KBD named Pixie. Ella is currently training and working toward titles in conformation, hunt tests, scent work, and tracking.
Eloise (aka Ella) is the pick girl from the "Bridgerton" Litter. This girl was a standout from the beginning, so we were very excited to be able to co-own her with the Cazier's in Idaho. Ella lives with 2 other beautiful Gordon Setters, and will hopefully follow in their footsteps in the show ring. 
Gille is one of the three stunning boys in the Moonsetter "U" Litter. He is co-owned with Colin and Angie Charland in Texas. Although it wasn't originally in the plans, we all soon realized that showing was in Gille's future. Gille was beautifully piloted to his championship at just over 11 months of age, in only two show weekends (and undefeated!) from the puppy class! Gille ended his very brief show career with a Best in Sweepstakes and Judge's Award of Merit as a move-up to Best of Breed at the Perry, GA Speciality! 
Hazel is from our "Bridgerton" litter, out of our Enzo and Veronica. Hazel is co-owned with the Del Favero's in northern Minnesota, who have a P litter boy, Cyprus. At her very first show, Hazel won Best of Breed over specials (including her mother, Veronica) for a 3 point major- at just 9 months old! 
Joy is one of the pick girls from the Moonsetter "M" Litter.  She is co-owned with Elizabeth Nolan of Keystone Gordons in northern California.  In additional to her show achievements, she also has placements at field trials. Joy came back to Moonsetter in 2018 to have a litter out of our boy, Conall, and we welcomed the Moonsetter T-Litter through this co-breeding endeavor.
Murron is one of the beautiful girls from the Moonsetter "X" Litter. She is owned by John Wyckoff in Colorado.  Murron is John's personal hunting companion and quickly earned her Junior Hunter title in four straight hunt tests at less than two years of age. Watch for more of these two in the field in the future! Murron is the dam of the Moonsetter "Storm" litter. 
Quip is the pick boy from the Moonsetter "Q" Litter. He is owned by Marge and Rich Legg in Iowa. Marge owned another Moonsetter boy "Doc", who introduced her to the joy of agility. Quip was only the third Gordon Setter in the breed history to earn an AKC Scent Work title and is now the first AKC Scent Work Master! He is currently working toward an AKC Scent Work Detective title, the highest level in the sport. 
Reason is one of the pick boys from the Moonsetter "Z" Litter. He is co-owned with our good friend, Mary, who has now had 5 Moonsetter Gordons, including Reason's sire, Trooper. We can't wait to watch Reason follow in his dad's footsteps in the show ring and in the field.
Rigby is the pick girl from the Moonsetter "R" Litter. She is co-owned with Kat Achor in St. Louis. We were thrilled to be able to co-own this special girl from such a beautiful litter, and even more excited to have her as the dam of the Moonsetter "W" litter! 
Rioghail, pronounced "Reej' ul", is one of the two males from the "Storm" litter. Rioghail lives with his momma Murron, Uncle Zayn, and dalmatian pal Chip in Colorado. Rioghail is already a Junior Hunter, and is well on his way to being ready to compete at the next level. 
Ryder is one of the twin boys of the "Storm" litter. He lives and is co-owned with Oakisle Gordon Setters in Canada. At just under a year old, Ryder earned his Canadian Championship. Just a few months later, he earned his Grand Championship! We look forward to watching Ryder compete in the U.S. and participate in other activities as he grows up!
Tatum is the pick girl from the co-bred Moonsetter-Keystone "T" Litter. She is co-owned with Elizabeth Nolan of Keystone Gordons in Northern California. Tatum's mama Joy also lives with Elizabeth, and we are very excited to see what Tay and Elizabeth do in the ring (and the field!) together in the coming years. At her very first show weekend, Tatum earned Reserve Winners Bitch to her mama. Just a couple months later, she beat her mama for her very first points, giving us a glimpse of things to come!
Trooper is the pick boy from the Moonsetter "R" Litter. He is co-owned with Mary Keiser in Minnesota. We knew this boy was special, and he proved us right when he stepped into the show ring! Trooper finished his championship in just five consecutive shows, with three 4-point majors, including a Specialty Winners Dog at the North Country Gordon Setter Club show in January 2019. Trooper is also the sire of the Moonsetter "V" and "Z" Litters, and our own Veronica. 


Vanessa is one of the pick girls from the Moonsetter "J" Litter. She is owned by Tom & Sandy Depottey of Minnesota.  Nessa finished her bench championship with four majors, including a 5 point major at the Great Lakes Gordon Setter Specialty show in 2012, followed quickly by her Grand Championship. She also earned the coveted GSCA "BBB" award for "Beauty", "Brains" and "Birdsense" - completing her Junior Hunter and Companion Dog titles in 2014, along with a lure coursing title. 

Zayn is one of the two handsome boys from the Z litter. Zayn is owned by John Wyckoff in Colorado and lives with his half sister, Murron, and nephew Rioghail. Zayn earned his Junior Hunter title in 4 straight passes at only 9 months old, and completed his AKC Championship at 2 years old. Watch for more of this stellar boy in both the field and show ring in the future!