Gordon Setters (Reg'd)

"The dog is the most faithful of animals and would be much esteemed were it not so common. Our Lord God has made his greatest gift the commonest. " -Martin Luther

Our Dogs

The Gordons of Moonsetter aren't just our dogs, they're part of our family.  We don't have a large kennelful of dogs, though we do own a few more than your average "two dog family"!  

As part of our commitment to the Breed, our dogs not only strive to earn AKC bench championship, but also hunting or performance titles.  In our case this usually means a Junior Hunter title, but we're also hoping to start trying our paws out in obedience or rally.


The exciting part of our dogs' accomplishments is, they are always breeder-owner-handled both in the ring, and the field.  There's nothing quite like taking a dog of your own into the breed ring and coming out a winner from the Bred-By Exhibitor class, or watching poetry in motion as they work a bird field.  Why would we want to miss out on that?? 

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Regan is the pick girl from our F-Litter.  Meaning "descendent of a king", Regan seemed an appropriate name for our girl with the dual champion sire. Her "royal" heritage and impressive pedigree are nothing compared to her wonderful temperament and bigger than life personality.


Aiden, meaning “little fiery one”, seemed the appropriate name for the only boy in our H-Litter. With hopes of having another chance at a boy out of Aisling, we were thrilled that he showed so much promise. True to his name, this little hellion came in to our lives with the world revolving around him, and like a Phoenix sprung to life from the fire… he was here to stay!


Conall, meaning "strong as a wolf" was the perfect name for the chosen one in our J Litter.  Named by our daughter Olivia, who loves anything to do with wolves, Conall was also chosen by her as the pick puppy... and we simply couldn't argue with her keen eye for a  good looking Gordon! 


As we often say, all things happen for a reason - and the "oops" puppies of the Lunar litter were no exception.  Truly, also known as Ch. Moonsetter Lunar Veritatis (which means "moon of truth" in Latin) is our pick puppy from that litter.  Of course we never meant to keep her, but it was apparent from the first few days that she was going to be something very special, and we weren't about to let her get away!


Oakley is our pick girl from the "ten little orphans" of the M Litter.  She is inarguably one of the kindest girls we've ever owned, and has been such a delightful contribution to both our home and our breeding program.  She is expertly shown by our daughter Olivia, and has given us two of our most popular and beautiful litters of pups!


Tamsyn, meaning "twin", is our pick puppy from the O Litter. Aptly named for being her papa's "little mini me".  She is without a doubt one of the smartest pups we've ever owned, which quickly led her to bird dog training camp as a youngster, where she started her career as one of our top personal hunting dogs - a priority before she stepped into the show ring.


Rumor, named after a favorite album of the band Fleetwood Mac (and a registered name from a great Adele tune too!), is our pick puppy from the R Litter. A beautiful puppy in every way, Rumor epitomizes what we hoped to get when we bred her mama Truly to her beautiful top-winning sire, Toby. We are only a little bit thrilled that she also reminds us of her lovely, but very deeply missed grandma.