Gordon Setters (Reg'd)

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"The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving." - Oliver Wendell Holmes


Each puppy from Moonsetter Gordon Setters is the product of love, dedication, research, and careful planning.  Averaging one litter per year, we believe in breeding only for that next special puppy to add to our family, and hopefully, our breeding program.  Since we can't possibly keep them all, we offer wonderful companions to approved homes.


The focus of our breeding program has always been to produce a healthy, dual-purpose dog, capable of doing it all.  We're proud of the accomplishments of our Gordon Setters in the show ring and in the field as personal hunting companions.  We believe the goals we've set for ourselves and for our breeding program best represent what is true to our hearts and the Gordon Setter Breed.  We strive to breed a versatile, dual-purpose dog, eager and willing to please, graceful and beautiful to the eye, sound and healthy, loving and gentle.


All of our litters are whelped in our family room, and the puppies raised in our home as part of the family.  Here they receive constant love and attention, with plenty of room to run, play, and explore.  Introduced to the outdoors as soon as they're old enough (no matter what time of year, because puppies love the snow!), our puppies are incredibly well-socialized, and great care is taken to match each and every one with their new owners.  In addition to being micro-chipped, all of our puppies receive routine health care from our veterinarian.  We do not have a license to practice veterinary medicine, so never assume we're qualified to provide veterinary care (by giving our own vaccinations, etc.)  None of our puppies leave here without our vet seeing them first.  Our puppies don't leave home before the age of 8 weeks, regardless of the circumstances.  The time spent with their mother, and brothers and sisters is the most important time in a young pup's life, and sending a puppy to its new home before he or she is emotionally ready is not acceptable.


Good health and a sound temperament trump even the most successful show dog or talented hunter, so the dogs in our breeding program receive OFA and CAER certification, and are carefully screened for appropriate health issues.  To ensure that only the best dogs are used for breeding purposes, we sell all of our puppies on spay/neuter agreements, with AKC Limited Registration only.  Occasionally, we do sell puppies to approved show homes, however in these cases, co-ownership agreements are struck between us to ensure our goals are met and the integrity of the Breed is maintained.  If you aren't comfortable co-owning a puppy for show purposes, then we probably aren't the right breeder for you.


Moonsetter Gordon Setters can be found in three-fourths of the 50 States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and Canada.  Because our puppies are very important to us, we prefer to meet our puppies' new families, so encourage you to take the time to pick up your puppy in person.


We also offer a written guarantee on every puppy leaving our home.  In addition to this, we make ourselves available to our puppy buyers for the life of their dog as part of our extended family.  We also understand that mentoring is an important aspect of breeding dogs, and we embrace the opportunity to help others in their own Gordon Setter adventures.  So your relationship doesn't have to end when you take your puppy home - we're always here to help!


Future litters are planned well in advance, so please feel free to contact us about what is up-coming at Moonsetter.  With the time between litters often being a year or more, advanced reservations are strongly recommended.


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