Gordon Setters (Reg'd)

Winfield Moonsetter Edition

(Ch. Bydand Collector's Edition x Bydand Winfield Edition)

May 5, 1989 - February 8, 2002

Rachael, or “Rrrrrrachael”… nicknames were never one of Rachael’s strong points… but amusing habits certainly were. Everyone who owns Gordons has had the ultimate “woo woo dog” and Rachael was definitely ours. Best known for her ability to “woo woo” the phrase “I want one” for a treat (seriously, she could!!!), she is also remembered fondly for a few other “little habits”. When “Rrrrrrruffles had rrrrridges” was on television, she went bananas… car commercials, doorbells or any knocking sound sent her running through the house at warp speed in search of the intruder. If you wanted to hear her “talk” all you had to do was go “Buzzzzzzzzz”. The couch always belonged to her, and if you didn’t hear her snoring, then she was just pretending so you wouldn’t make her move.

She was sired by one of our favorite dogs Ch. Bydand Collector’s Edition. After meeting “Ryan” there would be no other, we simply had to have a puppy out of him. Rachael was everything we’d hoped for and more… a personal hunting dog, delightful show dog and the best family companion and matriarch of the pack we could ever hope for. She helped raise each and every puppy we brought into the house with tender loving care… even allowing lonely new pups to “nurse” when they felt the urge, snuggle into a crate with her for comfort or simply fall asleep nearby.

She became half of our infamous “dynamic duo”… Always together, her and KC were so much a part of each other’s lives it was no surprise that Rachael passed away soon after KC. She was and always will be Chuck’s favorite dog. The void left behind when she passed away (at the age of nearly 13) will never be filled. She began our lifetime of love for Gordon Setters, and her legacy lives on in our hearts forever.