Gordon Setters (Reg'd)

Moondox Li'l Man

Long-haired Miniature Dachshund

Black and Tan Dapple

Liam, aka "Li-Li", "Li-Man", "Weiner", and "Liam Weiner Moon" is the odd man out at Moonsetter... but don't tell him that!



Our shortest "Gordon", Liam is the resident kennel boss and whelper-helper here at Moonsetter.  He joined us just before Christmas in 2008, as our daughter Olivia's birthday present.  (Lucky girl has a birthday close to Christmas, and sometimes it's hard to think of what to get her!)  ...And don't let Chuck fool you, even though he swears we tricked him into getting Liam, he loves him as much as the rest of us!  (Ask the locals who see Chuck driving around town with Liam perched on his lap, making sure he's obeying the traffic laws).


Though not a real Gordon Setter, we still adore this "Li'L Man" more than words can express.  He absolutely does believe he's a Gordon Setter, and that is mostly in part to his "Mom", our Regan, being pregnant with the "I" Litter when Liam came home.  She adopted him immediately, and when her pups were born a week later, he was at her side, stressing over every puppy as it entered the world, and making sure "Mom" was okay.  What a guy !

Tired after helping deliver his brothers & sisters
Liam 8 weeks old
Checking on the new arrivals
Liam and Jenna