Gordon Setters (Reg'd)

A Gordon Setter Trilogy

Gordy, the agility champ - Gordy is an alpha male who has already won top awards in beauty and bird sense. He believes he can wear a triple crown by excelling in agility. Follow Gordy through the course on his way to establish his brains and gain the triple crown. He's pompous, silly, and regal. True to his breed.
Gabriel, the protector and guardian angel - Gabriel is the Guardian Gordon of a loving family. The family, in gratitude and appreciation, decides to make the Twelve Days of Christmas a special holiday for Gabriel. What can they give him?
Gertie, mass producer of 12 offspring - This is a double love story of paws and hearts across the ocean. There are Gordy and Gertie, two champion Gordon Setters, and Mac and Mary Margaret. Mac is Scottish, Mary Margaret is American. The result is a wedding for the owners and a litter of twelve Gordon Setter pups. The pups are then named for historical figures in both cultures. A vocabulary section and an identification list the historical persons for whom the Gordon youngsters are named.

About the Author & Illustrator

As a teacher of 20 years, Jean Sievert taught many students the joy of creative writing.  She also pursued an avocation in political writing.  Eventually she turned to children’s fiction and at age 80 + continues to write.  The Village of Los Ranchos in New Mexico is Jean’s home.  She lives and writes in a house in the country assisted by a passel of neighboring Gordon Setters belonging to her daughter and son-in-law.  The Gordons drop in daily for a treat from Jean’s talking cookie jar.  The three Gordon Setter books were written at the suggestion of her daughter, Linda Stebbins of Shogun Gordon Setters.

Artist, Shirley Cloninger’s paintings can be found in many private collections in Wisconsin.  She works primarily in water color and acrylic.  Shirley lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin and is Linda’s 80 + year old great aunt.  She has illustrated all of Jean Sievert’s books with both humor and brilliance. 

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These books are a must for anyone's Gordon collection!!