The "W" Litter Kids
GCh. Moonsetter Just One Look x Moonsetter Rendezvous

August 31, 2019

The W babies

Moonsetter Wildwing Waverly House

Waverly lives with Ian in Utah

Waverly and Ian
Ian with a much bigger Waverly!

Moonsetter Windy Meadow Rose

Rose lives in New York with the Putney family

Rose and her family
Rose (right) with her Gordon friend Gabe

Moonsetter Wind Chaser

Calder lives with the Keane's in Kansas. He is their 6th Moonsetter Gordon!

Calder and the Keane's
Calder (right) and Moonsetter Gordon Luna

Moonsetter Watch 'N Learn

Wrainey lives in Nebraska with the Fisher's

Wrainey and Todd
Wrainey and friend