Gordon Setters (Reg'd)

The "S" Litter Kids

GCh. Moonsetter Just One Look x GCh. Moonsetter Miss Conduct

April 1, 2017

Oakley and her "S" Babies

Moonsetter Shades of Grey Afield

Greyson lives in West Viriginia with Rhonda and John

Greyson at home in WV dressed for Christmas

Moonsetter Sentinel Uponarock

Sebastian lives in Washington State with Emily and Andy


Moonsetter She's Batting a Thousand

Wrigley lives in Utah with Karli and Archie

Wrigley with her family

Moonsetter Stylin' Ain't Easy

Hudson lives in Minnesota with Beau


Moonsetter Sharpshooter

Scarlett lives in North Carolina with Johnna and Clayton and brother "Solomon"

Scarlett's "selfie"

Moonsetter Song of Solomon

Solomon lives in North Carolina with Clayton and Johnna and sister "Scarlett"

Baby Solomon

Moonsetter Samuel Set Foot First

Sam lives in Las Vegas with Ruth and Don

Sam the Easter Bunny

Moonsetter Smokin' Gun

Huey lives in North Dakota with Jared and Taylor and Moonsetter V Litter girl "Watson"

Huey and Watson