The "M" Litter Kids

Ch. Kopperklad's One Knight Stand x Ch. Moonsetter Grand Savoy

January 9, 2012

The M-Litter is unarguably the most amazing litter we've ever raised here at Moonsetter. It was the most loved, most labor-intensive, and the most prayed over group of puppies we've ever had.  G Litter mama Darcy returned to Moonsetter to whelp and raise her litter here.  When Darcy tragically passed away following an emergency c-section we were left to hand-raise these 10 beautiful puppies by ourselves. Our entire family spent 10 weeks caring for them like no other - feeding over 1,000 bottles and probably losing a collective month's worth of sleep!  No doubt a labor of love and devotion - but something we hope never to experience twice. 
Our daughter offering the puppies some "motherly" love

Moonsetter My Soul Rejoice

Joy lives in California with Elizabeth Nolan

Joy arriving in Sacramento !
Joy at home with her new family River & Brooke

Moonsetter 'N Kopperklad's Backfield in Motion

Ryder lives in York, Pennsylvania with Barb Steiber of Kopperklad Gordons and his papa Peyton and grandma Minnie

Ryder learning the ropes from his papa Peyton

Moonsetter McGehee of Sunnyside

Brodie lives in Manhattan, Kansas with the Keane's and their other Moonsetter Gordon, Luna.

Brodie at home

Moonsetter Mirabile Velle

Willa lives in Bainbridge Island, Washington with the Cromwell's

Willa and her best friend at home in Washington
Must be book club?

Moonsetter Midnight Star

Meshach lives in Cleburne, Texas with the McGehee's

Meshach lounging at home in Texas

Moonsetter May She Never Grow Up

Wendy lives in Dallas, Texas with the Spindles and their English Setter Smitty

Wendy with her new folks Lauren & Preston, and new brother Smitty

Moonsetter Magic Essence

Murphy lives in Rancho Cucamonga, California with the Hallans

Murphy and her family in California

Moonsetter Magical Milo

Milo lives in Wheaton, Illinois with the Crowley family

Milo and his girls
Milo's first day home

Savoy's Grand Legacy

Robin lives in Downer's Grove, Illinois with Denise Schiele.

Beautiful Robin
Robin is looking just as good as her mama Darcy!

Moonsetter Miss Conduct

Oakley lives here at Moonsetter and can be found on her own page.