Gordon Setters (Reg'd)

The "L" or "Lunar" Litter Kids

Moonsetter Hell Yes x Ch. Moonsetter Certifiably Sureshot

March 4, 2011

L-Litter pals for life Liza and Archer

Moonsetter Lunar Veritatis

Truly stayed on here at Moonsetter, and can be found on her own page under "Our Dogs"

Truly in the ring with Olivia Moon

Moonsetter Lunar Arcarius

Archer lives with the TerSteeg family in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Moonsetter Lunar Arcarius, or Moon "Archer"
Archer at 5 months

Moonsetter Lunar Stella

Liza lives with Jim & Wendy and Jaimee Loria in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Wendy is Heidi's sister, and Liza is the first Gordon in the Loria household...proving you should never visit the Moon family when they have puppies available!

Liza making herself at home
Moonsetter Lunar Stella - "Moon Stars"

Moonsetter Lunar Glow

Huntress lives with Larry & Karen Watson in New Germany, Minnesota

Huntress relaxes at home - "who me?"

Moonsetter Lunar Cowboy

Robby lives with Jim & Jo Puntenney on a ranch in Prescott, Arizona.

Robby enjoying the beach in San Filipe
Robby at home in Prescott

Moonsetter Lunar Eclipse

Harley lives in Cochrane, Ontario with Gary & Sherry Funnel

Sherry & Harley - we're not in Kansas anymore
The King on his throne

Moonsetter Lunar Crescent

Laramie lives in Williamston, North Carolina with the Cowan family.