Gordon Setters (Reg'd)

The "A" Litter Kids

Accolade O'Bannfshire x Ch. Timberlane Going in Style JH

June 18, 2001

A Litter
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...

Moonsetter Anything Goes

Keegan lived in Nevis, Minnesota with the Fragassi Family, until crossing the Bridge in 2009


Moonsetter All That Jazz

Jazz lived in Pleasant Hill, Iowa before crossing the Bridge in 2003


Moonsetter Angel in Disguise

Aggie lives in Burbank, Illinois with the Abbott Family


Moonsetter Annie Get Ur Gun

Annie lives in St. Joseph, Michigan with the Calkins and another Moonsetter Gordon named Rori

Annie & Rori
Steve, Rori, Annie & Julie

Moonsetter Ain't Misbehavin'

Darby lives in Manhattan, Kansas with her sister Delaney and 'Laney's son Chase


Moonsetter All But Basic Black

Clifford lives in Madison, Wisconsin with the Hunter Family


Moonsetter Awesome Duke

Duke lived in Williamston, North Carolina with the Cowins until crossing the Bridge in 2009


Not pictured:

Moonsetter Ainsley's Lucky Star - Lucky (2001-2010)

Moonsetter American Treasure - Duke

Ch. Moonsetter Always in Style JH

Delaney stayed on here and can be found in retirement In Our Hearts